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  1. Dear grandson was born August 26th

    01/29/09 21:16:39 | 0 Comments

    He is such a blessing and we love him so much. My only complaint is they live a 1 1/2 days drive away from us and on a terrible highway to boot. But we were there when he was born and we go as often as we can. They all came home for Christmas which was wonderful. We're heading up there again in March.

    Other then that life is good and we're in the midst of planning a few trips, one to Mexico for a wedding and Alaskan Cruise in August.

    That's all for now...
  2. Well this is Kewl

    03/01/08 06:52:52 | 0 Comments

    Never had a blog before.image HAve to think of something smart to write about. image Opps maybe tomorrow as I am tired out and heading off to bed. Goodnight all!!!

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